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Could the COVID-19 pandemic kill the influencer trend?

York University expert is available to explain how influencers are changing their game TORONTO, April 27, 2020 – Influencers are known for using social media to flaunt their extravagant lifestyle of luxury trips, shopping hauls and fine dining but the COVID-19 shutdown has put a stop to most of their “aspirational” posts, says Mangala Rao-D’Sa, […]

Why are youth flocking to TikTok to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic?

York University expert available to explain impacts of digital overconsumption on youth TORONTO, April 2, 2020 – Young people in isolation at home during the COVID-19 pandemic are becoming so immersed in social media that it could be damaging their emotional, physical and spiritual well-being, says Faculty of Education Professor Kate Tilleczek. With the COVID-19 […]

Is the “Kim Kardashian” influencer trend dying?

York University expert is available to explain the trend of ordinary people as influencers TORONTO, January 13, 2020 – Celebrity influencer marketing is shrinking in favour of regular people endorsing brands to their social media audiences, says Mangala Rao-D’Sa, an influencer marketing expert in York’s School of Continuing Studies. D’Sa, who is an instructor in […]

Managing the pressure of the ‘Insta-perfect’ holiday: Do's and Don’ts

TORONTO, December 11, 2019 –Whether it’s that perfect airbrushed closeup or table setting at a holiday party, or the pristine beach sunset picture, the flooding of images of holiday perfection can impact our mental health. The desire to have the perfect holiday can add undue pressure for some. Psychologist and associate professor at York University’s Faculty […]

Study: Social media is affecting the way we view our bodies − and not in a good way

TORONTO, November 15, 2018 − Young women who actively engage with social media images of friends who they think are more attractive than themselves report feeling worse about their own appearance afterward, a York University study shows. It’s no secret that social media can blur the lines on what’s real and what’s fantasy, but new […]