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York U gospel music scholar available on the African American vocal genre

Professor Karen Burke is considered an authority on gospel music, including its origins dating back to slavery TORONTO, Feb. 09, 2022 – “Gospel music since its inception, and even further back to the development of spirituals by enslaved Africans, has always been about encouraging people and uplifting the soul,” says York University Professor Karen Burke, a singer, […]

Air pollution decrease in India during COVID-19 lockdown not as high as originally thought

York University researchers find meteorology played an important and unaccounted role TORONTO, Nov. 16, 2021 – Observational data shows air pollution in India decreased drastically in the first COVID-19 lockdown when emissions from vehicles naturally declined, but York University researchers say those numbers only tell part of the story – blue skies and an absence […]

Photo series to showcase steadfast commitment of Filipina care workers during COVID-19

TORONTO, Oct. 19, 2021 – A collection of photos by Filipina nurses, personal support workers and in-home caregivers that capture everyday moments of struggle, while caring for the most vulnerable during the pandemic, will be on display at A Space Gallery in downtown Toronto, starting Oct. 20. “While they have been lauded as resilient heroes, […]

How artificial intelligence and big data are fighting COVID-19 in Africa

TORONTO, Aug. 11, 2021 – With a scarcity of COVID-19 vaccines in many African countries and the rise of new variants of concern, a collaboration led by York University is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data to define public health policies and interventions to contain and manage the spread of the virus in Africa.