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York U gospel music scholar available on the African American vocal genre

Professor Karen Burke is considered an authority on gospel music, including its origins dating back to slavery TORONTO, Feb. 09, 2022 – “Gospel music since its inception, and even further back to the development of spirituals by enslaved Africans, has always been about encouraging people and uplifting the soul,” says York University Professor Karen Burke, a singer, […]

Are increasing theatrics turning politics into a reality show? York University expert available to comment

TORONTO, February 6, 2020 – Millions of viewers tuned in to watch U.S. President Donald Trump deliver his televised State of the Union address on Feb. 4 outlining the country’s accomplishments under his presidency, and millions more watched as the Senate voted on the impeachment process. But the viewers witnessed more antics than usual, according […]

Managing the pressure of the ‘Insta-perfect’ holiday: Do's and Don’ts

TORONTO, December 11, 2019 –Whether it’s that perfect airbrushed closeup or table setting at a holiday party, or the pristine beach sunset picture, the flooding of images of holiday perfection can impact our mental health. The desire to have the perfect holiday can add undue pressure for some. Psychologist and associate professor at York University’s Faculty […]

Paying the bills or not? Affordability is key issue in federal election campaign

York University experts available to discuss top election issues TORONTO, October 10, 2019 – Money worries and economic pessimism are on the minds of Canadian voters who have made this a dominant theme of the federal election campaign. York University experts are available to discuss the election campaign’s key issue of affordability and economic insecurity, […]

Holiday experts on traditions, shopping trends, and avoiding burnout

York University experts available to comment on gendering of toys, online and in-store purchases, perfectionism and more TORONTO, December 13, 2018 – With the holiday season fast approaching, York University experts are available to comment on various topics, from mental health and wellbeing to online purchasing trends and appropriate gifts for children. Tony Burke, associate […]

York U experts available to comment on Canada’s new trade agreement

TORONTO, Monday, Oct. 1, 2018 – After months of sometimes tense negotiations, Canada, the United States, and Mexico have announced a tentative new trade deal.  The agreement, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (formerly NAFTA), is an updated trade agreement that includes changes on investment and the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) cars and car parts, the dairy industry, […]