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Study: Podcasts must add underrepresented veteran voices to better portray Canadian war efforts

TORONTO, March 2, 2022 –  Historically Eurocentric and white portrayals have dominated the depiction of Canadian war efforts while the contributions of racial and ethnic minorities have been obscured, says York University media studies Professor Anne MacLennan. “This disparity can be addressed by including lived experiences of Black and Japanese Canadians, and Indigenous Peoples who […]

Word, sound and power of Black artists to be celebrated at York U event

TORONTO, February 16, 2022 – York University will be celebrating Black artists with a live broadcast of emotion-evoking and thought-provoking spoken word, R&B and gospel music performances from the Tribute Communities Recital Hall on Feb. 23. Word Sound Power: An Annual Celebration of Black Artistic Expression is hosted by the Jean Augustine Chair in Education, Community […]

“Cisgender-biased gender affirmative medical assessments are regrettable”

Those seeking gender-affirming hormones and surgeries have to jump through hoops to prove they are truly trans, says York University trans researcher  TORONTO, Nov. 30, 2021 – Canada’s stringent eligibility screenings for medical transition — to prevent “regret” or detransition — ignore trans people’s gender related perspectives and experiences, says York Professor Kinnon R. MacKinnon, […]

Task Force launches report on the future of artificial intelligence at York University

Urges research to explore broader human perspective including ethical implications of AI TORONTO, Nov. 16, 2021 – Today, York University Task Force on AI & Society launched its report analyzing artificial intelligence (AI) and society as a key area for growth at York, with recommendations to help steer the University closer to becoming a global […]