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COVID-19 buzzwords: will they spread and survive?

 York University linguistics expert available on the future of pandemic-themed vocabulary TORONTO, May 13, 2020 – Ever since the World Health Organization named the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19, on February 11, language lovers around the globe have been spreading the word. But will all the buzzwords that have flowed from it – such as covidiot, […]

COVID-19 in long-term care homes - what needs to be done differently?

COVID-19 has hit long-term residential care facilities particularly hard. It’s a situation brought on in part by a lack of attention to a sector many people choose to ignore, but York University Professor Pat Armstrong, who led the 10-year project Re-imagining Long-term Residential Care, says that needs to change. Armstrong and her international team recently published the report, Re-imagining Long-term Residential Care in the COVID-19 Crisis.

Businesses and institutions must consider risk and ethical considerations of re-opening: York U expert

TORONTO, April 28, 2020 – Canadian provinces are creating frameworks to reopen their economies after several weeks of shutdown for non-essential services due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. What will businesses and institutions be required to consider as they develop plans to re-open, based on Ontario’s newly announced framework? “Businesses and organizations should be using […]

Flood and wildfire management, evacuation in a pandemic

As Canada heads into flood and wildfire season, how does the current situation with COVID-19 stretch resources to effectively plan for and manage these potential disasters, as well as react and organize evacuations if necessary? Three professors from the Disaster & Emergency Management (DEM) Program in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies are available to discuss how dealing with a pandemic could affect efforts to manage a disaster or emergency and what can be done.

Gender bias in academic commenting poses barriers to women scholars: York University sociologist

Professor Cary Wu, co-author of a new study recommends scientific journals invite women academics to comment on published work TORONTO, April 2, 2020 – Women academics are less likely than men to comment on published research, limiting scholarly debate, a new study co-authored by York University sociologist Professor Cary Wu, shows. According to the study, […]

Higher social capital and trust leads to better COVID-19 response in some U.S. states

In the United States, those states that are responding more quickly and effectively to the COVID-19 crisis also seem to have higher levels of social capital built up and citizens who trust more in their governments and health agencies, according to new research published today by York University Assistant Professor of sociology Cary Wu and team.

Should the Olympics Committee call off Tokyo 2020 Games?

York U expert available to comment on disaster & emergency management implications TORONTO, Monday, March 23, 2020 – The International Olympics Committee (IOC) executive board announced yesterday it will step up its scenario-planning for the Tokyo 2020 Games. This includes changing the start date of the Games, currently scheduled to begin on July 24, based […]