Media coverage of epidemics can slow rate of disease

Toronto, January 28, 2016 – The media can play a large role in helping to slow the spread of the disease during an epidemic, say researchers from York University in Toronto and Shaanxi Normal University in China. They found that mass media coverage during an epidemic had an impact on changing people’s behaviour. In a […]

Neutral result charges up antimatter research

TORONTO, January 20, 2016 – Scientists of the international ALPHA Collaboration have once again pushed the boundaries of antimatter research with their latest breakthrough studying the properties of antihydrogen. Published today in the prestigious journal Nature, the collaboration’s result improved the measurement of the charge of antihydrogen, essentially zero, by a factor of 20. Their […]

Performing Indigeneity: Theatre @ York raises Brébeuf’s Ghost

Award-winning Algonquin/Métis director and playwright Yvette Nolan helms Theatre @York’s compelling new production of Brébeuf’s Ghost, “a tale of horror in three acts” by internationally renowned Aboriginal playwright Daniel David Moses. The show previews from January 24, opens January 26 and runs to January 30 in the Joseph G. Green Studio Theatre at York University’s Keele campus. Brébeuf’s […]