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Flood and wildfire management, evacuation in a pandemic

As Canada heads into flood and wildfire season, how does the current situation with COVID-19 stretch resources to effectively plan for and manage these potential disasters, as well as react and organize evacuations if necessary? Three professors from the Disaster & Emergency Management (DEM) Program in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies are available to discuss how dealing with a pandemic could affect efforts to manage a disaster or emergency and what can be done.

York U engineering research uses AI to predict flood risk in real-time

Research models use data from Toronto’s Don River and Calgary’s Bow River TORONTO, November 11, 2019 – Using complex models based on artificial intelligence (AI) and data from the Don River in Toronto and Bow River in Calgary, researchers at the Lassonde School of Engineering can now predict the water levels in rivers days in advance […]

York U disaster management and emergency response experts available

TORONTO, April 30, 2019 ─ As several communities in Eastern Canada are struggling to manage the impact of historic flooding in the region, York University experts are available to discuss emergency response, disaster management, recovery and evacuation. Jack L. Rozdilsky, associate professor of Disaster and Emergency Management in  the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional […]

Assessing flood risk and vulnerability: York U expert available

 TORONTO, April 29, 2019─ Ontario’s cottage country, especially the Town of Bracebridge, has experienced record-high floodwaters over the past few days and authorities are continuing to be on high alert with more rain expected in the forecast later this week.  Health authorities there have advised residents whose well water has been affected to use bottled […]