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Study of child and youth injuries points to need for standardized road traffic policies across Canada

Graduated driver licensing and booster seat legislation just the start TORONTO, December 7, 2018 – Provinces with road traffic safety policies that are evidence-based had lower injury-related hospitalizations and deaths among children and youth, according to a new study by researchers at York University. The national study, published in the journal BioMedCentral, looked at three indicators: […]

Study: Social media is affecting the way we view our bodies − and not in a good way

TORONTO, November 15, 2018 − Young women who actively engage with social media images of friends who they think are more attractive than themselves report feeling worse about their own appearance afterward, a York University study shows. It’s no secret that social media can blur the lines on what’s real and what’s fantasy, but new […]

York U study: New role for protein could lead to novel treatments for cancer and vascular disease

TORONTO, Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018 - Researchers at York University have found a new role for a well-known protein in the body that may explain, in part, what goes wrong in certain cancers, as well as vascular and neurological disorders. β-catenin, a wide-ranging and important protein for the regulation of cell function from the embryonic […]

Study: Fluoride levels in pregnant women in Canada show drinking water is primary source of exposure to fluoride

TORONTO, October 10, 2018 – A new study led by York University researchers has found that fluoride levels in urine are twice as high for pregnant women living in Canadian cities where fluoride is added to public drinking water as for those living in cities that do not add fluoride to public water supplies. The study “Community Water Fluoridation and Urinary Fluoride […]

York University research helps to inform the design of scientific advisory committees

Safeguarding the legitimacy of scientific advice in an era of “fake news” TORONTO, Friday, Sept. 28, 2018 –At a time of “fake news” and a growing mistrust of scientific experts, researchers at York University’s Global Strategy Lab are working to increase the likelihood that policy decisions will be informed by the best available science. Steven J. […]

Lassonde School of Engineering Mentorship Program students showcase skills in technology, science and engineering

Summer Student Research and Mentorship Program concludes with 70-student showcase TORONTO, ON, Tuesday, August 14, 2018— From building satellites to parts for human implants, 70 grade 11 female students will present their final research projects on Wednesday to parents, faculty, fellow Lassonde School of Engineering students and members of industry.  The showcase is part of […]