York University signs the Scarborough Charter, a national pledge to address anti-Black racism in Canadian universities


TORONTO, Nov. 18, 2021 – Together with more than 40 other Canadian post-secondary institutions and sector partners, York University is proud to sign the Scarborough Charter, a national pledge to ongoing action against anti-Black racism and further progress toward Black inclusion.

Last year, Canadian universities, colleges, and other sector partners came together to have a national conversation on anti-Black racism and Black inclusion, and to develop concrete actions for change in higher education. Today, Rhonda Lenton, President and Vice-Chancellor signed the Charter on behalf of York, affirming that the University’s ongoing commitment will be supported by tangible actions.

“The Charter affirms our collective commitment to addressing the systemic anti-Black racism that pervades academia, and to foster pan-Canadian communities of learning that build inclusive, substantive equality,” said Lenton. “York is proud to be actively supporting this critically important work and driving progress and change where the positive impact of our actions will be felt directly by our communities.”

Earlier this year, York launched Addressing Anti-Black Racism: A Framework on Black Inclusion and the accompanying Draft Action Plan on Black Inclusion – For Further Consultation, two documents that will also guide the University’s approach to combatting anti-Black racism, both on and off campus.

“Colleges and universities have a pivotal role in dismantling the deeply ingrained structures of power and privilege that allow anti-Black racism to thrive and I’m pleased that York is signing on to the Scarborough Charter, an important commitment to ongoing collective action,” said Sheila Cote-Meek, Vice-President Equity, People and Culture.

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