Spring 2010

  • Award-winning York U space science featured in North York Mirror: Read
  • Premier McGuinty meets with York nursing students: Read
  • York U report on Canada's deteriorating quality of life featured on Canoe.ca: Read
  • Prof. Ellen Bialystok talks to CBC Metro Morning about her Killam Prize winning research on bilingualism and the brain: Listen
  • Prof. Bridget Stutchbury’s new book reveals birds not as lovey-dovey as they look: Read
  • Killam Prize winner Prof. Ellen Bialystok speaks to The Globe and Mail about her research journey: Read
  • Researcher Heidi Marsh on CBC's Quirks & Quarks, talking about how and when babies "get" what we mean: Listen
  • Prof. Mazyar Fallah discusses why wearing red may give athletes an advantage: Read
  • York U research into babies' comprehension featured on thestar.com: Read
  • Prof. Laurence Packer, bee expert, on The Nature of Things: Listen
  • Prof. Gordon Flett's child perfectionism research featured in Metro News: Read
  • Opening of York U Psychology Clinic profiled in Metro News: Read
  • York U prof Stephen Gaetz's project to get schoolkids talking about homelessness featured in Toronto Star: Read