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More children and youth drowning as warming temperatures create unstable lake ice

TORONTO, Nov. 18, 2020 – As winters become milder and lake ice less stable, more children and young adults are falling through the ice and fatally drowning, say York University researchers. A new study, which looked at 4,000 drownings in 10 countries, including Canada, Russia, Finland, Germany, Sweden, and the United States, found warming winter air temperatures were a good predictor of the number of drownings.

New freshwater database tells water quality story for 12K lakes globally

Although less than one per cent of all water in the world is freshwater, it is what we drink and use for agriculture. In other words, it’s vital to human survival. York University researchers have just created a publicly available water quality database for close to 12,000 freshwater lakes globally – almost half of the world’s freshwater supply – that will help scientists monitor and manage the health of these lakes.

Will Canadian insurers be on the hook for major climate polluters?

The appetite for suing the biggest climate polluters is growing and, as a result, so too is the risk to Canadian insurers. At a York University, Faculty of Environmental Studies, lecture Monday, respected environmental lawyer, Dianne Saxe, will discuss how the rising concern over climate is changing the game. Saxe will discuss how the evolving […]

Hundreds of high school students to learn how to change their world

York University to host one of Canada’s largest youth environmental conferences TORONTO, October 15, 2019 – A love affair with big, gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs has meant Canadians drive the worst climate polluting vehicles in the world. In Ontario, transportation is the number one source of climate pollution, says Dianne Saxe. One of Canada’s most […]

Research shows lake ice may disappear across Northern Hemisphere due to climate change

Fresh drinking water and winter recreational activities would suffer TORONTO, January 28, 2019 – The iconic winter traditions of skating outdoors and ice fishing on a frozen lake could vanish across southern Canada and the Northern Hemisphere by the late 21st century thanks to climate change, according to new research led by a professor in […]

New online portal details how climate change will impact Ontario

TORONTO, December 5, 2018 ­– York University’s Laboratory of Mathematical Parallel Systems (LAMPS) is exploring how climate change will affect Ontario in a new online portal containing hundreds of thousands of data points, maps, graphs and predictions. The Ontario Climate Data Portal (OCDP), led by Huaiping Zhu, a professor of Mathematics & Statistics and Director of […]