Centres of Excellence located in the in the Rob and Cheryl McEwen Graduate Study & Research Building: backgrounder


The Brookfield Centre in Real Estate and Infrastructure has established a global leadership role for the Schulich School of Business in the expanding and evolving fields of real estate and infrastructure, and the increasingly important intersections between them. The Centre distinguishes itself by providing excellence and innovation in education, via both topic coverage and a multi-disciplinary, experiential learning approach, alumni engagement and industry outreach, and applied research and thought leadership.

The Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business at the Schulich School of Business is a global leader in creating and disseminating new knowledge about the social, ethical, environmental and political responsibilities of business. The Centre, which draws on the expertise and research of more than 40 Schulich faculty members, is one of the largest and most influential academic entities dedicated to enabling and inspiring business leaders to integrate ethics, social responsibility and sustainability into the core of their decision-making processes.

The mandate of the Schulich Centre for Global Enterprise is to enable Canada’s small and medium-scale businesses to reach their full potential through engagement with international markets. Supported by both the public and private sectors, the Centre seeks to improve supports for businesses in markets abroad. Among its offerings, the Centre’s website links to more than 200 providers of such support, including supra-nationals, agencies, governments, NGOs and corporations.

A newly developed Centre of Excellence in Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is envisioned as a leading hub building on Schulich’s pioneering Master of Business Analytics program and the Deloitte Cognitive Analytics and Visualization Lab, which is exploring advances in fields such as predictive analytics, natural language processing and machine learning. It is expected to be a hotbed for industry outreach, business and academic collaboration, and practical and experiential teaching and research.