Joint Statement from York University and Mandi Gray, Human Rights Tribunal Settlement


Mandi Gray and York University have reached a settlement to Ms. Gray's HRTO application. Although the parties were unable to reach an agreement on many issues, part of the resolution of the HRTO Application is that the University will collaborate with sexual assault centres to provide specialized counselling to sexual violence survivors from the York community. The other terms of the settlement are confidential.

The resolution does not constitute an admission of liability by the University or a concession by Ms. Gray of her case.

York University strives to be a progressive institution that believes in social justice and respects Ms. Gray's efforts to bring public attention to the issue of sexual assault and the treatment of survivors.

No further statements will be made by the parties regarding the settlement of Ms. Gray's HRTO Application.

Media contact:
Barbara Joy, Media Relations, 416 736 2100 ext. 55593,