York U researcher available on furries & their lifestyle


TORONTO, March 18, 2016 – Hundreds of people dressed up as fictional animal characters with human characteristics (anthropomorphic beings) will attend an annual convention in Toronto, March 18 to 20.

Furnal Equinox is a gathering of furries — people interested in anthropomorphic animals or creatures. While fans create a community of like-minded individuals, the mainstream society is critical of furries, according to Debra Soh, a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Health at York University.

“Many perceive furries as sexually deviant and sinister,” says Soh, a sexual addiction researcher. “And some wonder if their sexual interest is the only reason for this identity.”

To understand what role sexuality really plays in the life style of furries, Soh attended their convention two years ago. She is available for media interviews to discuss further on the topic.

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