Message from York University Vice-President Academic & Provost



Late yesterday, Senate Executive received and accepted the list of courses that will resume on Monday, March 23 in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies and the Faculty of Environmental Studies.

To ensure accurate information, all courses and sections resuming will be added to the Resumption of Classes list on our website on a rolling basis starting today. To help you identify the new additions, the list will be date/time stamped. Please check the website throughout the weekend for any updates before Monday, March 23.

All classes underway will continue as scheduled. Senate Executive will be meeting Tuesday, March 24 to review those courses that were not able to resume on Monday and will provide further updates as appropriate.

As long as the labour disruption continues, the Senate Policy on the Academic Implications of Disruptions or Cessations of University Business Due to Labour Disputes or Other Causes continues to apply.

With more of our students returning to class on Monday there may be delays in getting onto our campuses. We advise you, if possible, to take public transit. The Transportation Update page provides detailed information about bus stops, evening and weekend service, shuttle service, WheelTrans, MobilityPlus and more.

Please remember to remain calm and civil on the picket lines. Safety is our foremost concern and the University has taken a number of proactive steps to make the picket lines as safe as possible. This includes:

  • daily meetings and ongoing discussions with picket Captains concerning picket line protocols;
  • providing static/mobile/ CCTV coverage at the lines; and
  • and assigning University staff resources to monitor the various picket lines.

We all recognize that tensions can mount when faced with delays in getting onto our campuses. Your continued cooperation and patience is greatly appreciated.

York highly values the significant contributions its teaching assistants and graduate assistants make to the university. We are committed to reaching a fair and competitive settlement that continues to position them as among the best compensated in Canada, so we can welcome them back to campus soon.

Thank you

Rhonda Lenton
Vice-President Academic & Provost

Media Contact:
Janice Walls, York University Media Relations,