Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Translation Bureau announces new partnership with York University’s Glendon Campus


GATINEAU/TORONTO,  February 1, 2022 - The Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister of Public Services and Procurement, today announced a partnership agreement between the Translation Bureau and Glendon Campus at York University. Under this agreement, the Translation Bureau will provide educational support for Glendon’s Master of Conference Interpretation (MCI) program to help develop Canada’s conference interpreter workforce.

Through this agreement, the Translation Bureau will offer training sessions in preparation for its accreditation exam, participate in Glendon’s exam juries, and provide opportunities for students to gain access to conference interpretation work, such as internships.

In return, Glendon will support the Translation Bureau’s interpreting services by sharing expert trainers and research-informed approaches. Together, the two institutions will better equip working interpreters who seek to deepen their practice.

This partnership is of great importance in developing Canada’s conference interpreter workforce, as Glendon is one of only two higher learning institutions to offer the MCI program in the country.

The Translation Bureau is committed to developing Canada’s language industry, training the next generation of language professionals and promoting official languages.


“The conference interpreter profession is subject to a worldwide labour shortage, to which Canada is not immune. This partnership will leverage strengths and expertise from both the Translation Bureau and Glendon Campus to help renew Canada’s conference interpretation workforce. Through these efforts, the Translation Bureau is ensuring that we have the necessary resources to provide quality linguistic services for years to come.”

 The Honourable Filomena Tassi - Minister of Public Services and Procurement

“The practice of conference interpreting is a source of wonder to non-specialists, who see the ability to render an original speech, simultaneously or not, in different languages as a miracle. However, as we know, there’s no secret to it: mastering this practice requires rigorous training, and together with Canada’s Translation Bureau, Glendon Campus will continue to provide state-of-the-art training that prepares students for the realities of today’s job market.”

Marco Fiola - Principal for York University’s Glendon Campus

Quick facts

  • The Translation Bureau offers translation, interpretation and terminology products and services to Parliament, the courts and federal departments and organizations, in both official languages and in over 100 Indigenous and foreign languages.
  • The Translation Bureau has now signed 8 partnership agreements with universities across Canada, including an agreement with the Canadian Association of Schools of Translation that supports the Association’s 11 affiliated universities.
  • In addition to the 8 partnership agreements with universities across Canada, the Translation Bureau has 7 partnership agreements with other entities, such as professional associations, other governments, the language industry and international organizations.
  • The partnership with Glendon will provide academic support from Translation Bureau interpreters, preparation for the Bureau’s accreditation exam and assistance to students in gaining access to career opportunities, including internships.

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